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Ferry to Inchcailleach  
Ferry to Inchcailleach
 Cash or Contactless
 Adult: £7.50 return  
 Under16: £4.00 return
 All Campers
 Please contact us in  advance to discuss  baggage limitations  and preferred ferry  times.

  The ferry runs from Balmaha Boatyard to the North Pier on Inchcailleach Island every day during summer months from 9.25am until 5pm, usually every half hour or more frequently during busy times. We aim to run until at least the end of September

Day Trippers:
Groups of less than 10:  No advance booking required.
For groups of 11+:     Please contact us in advance.

All Campers:
Please contact us in advance to discuss baggage limitations and suitable ferry times.

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Walking Guide by Scottish National Heritage

As soon as you alight at the North Pier you have the feeling of being somewhere magical and away from it all.

Inchcailleach is a Nature Reserve with an abundance of flora and fauna.  Enjoy stunning views of Loch Lomond from the hill top and explore the ancient history of the island.



The 52 hectares of Inchcailleach are cloaked in oak woodland providing shady walks and a rich habitat for the host of wildlife resident on the island.   From the spring when the woodland floor is carpeted with bluebells through to October when sounds of the rutting fallow deer echo through the trees, the island provides accessible sights and sounds all year round.

There is a choice of walking paths on the island each taking 30-45 minutes.  The low path takes you clockwise round the island

    and can be joined from landing points at Port Bawn or the North pier.  The summit path takes in the highest point on the island at 85m and will reward you with a panoramic views up and down the Loch.

The island has a long association with Christianity since Saint Kentigerna established a nunnery around 1,300 years ago. The low path includes a visit to the ancient burial ground and the site of a church built in the 13th Century and dedicated to her memory.  The church was in use until 1770 but the burial ground was used until 1947.  Amongst the graves you will find the grave of the Clan Chief of the MacGregors.

Port Bawn at the South of the Island provides a picnic area with BBQ and composting toilet facilities as well as a small camp site.  A park warden has a regular presence in the summer months and booking is essential if you wish to camp.

Port Bawn at the South of the island is shown above.  The lovely sandy beach is popular with families, campers and picnickers alike.


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